Monday, January 5, 2015

TCS or a Start-up?

Friends, Stumbling around I found a very interesting question on The question is :

Should I go to TCS or a startup?Hello guys.  I am 24 years old student have two placement one in TCS and  other in Android Startup company. What should I prefer. I am mtech from  premiem college so i am thinking that after two years it is easy for me  to switch in other big company and also job security in TCS. Where as  in startup  huge chances of learning.Where should i go?
This  was the question asked by the student and a very brilliant and informative answer by the "Technology Lover" Vishal Sahu . The answer is as :

I think i am one of the most relevant person to answer this question, because i was in the same dilemma some 5 years ago. :)  
It all comes up to what you are looking for in life.  
If you want stable life, constant career growth, future onsite opportunities and brand name, then go for TCS. Most of my friends have visited onsite after 3-4 years of experience.
If you want to go for further studies then go for TCS, since you won't get sufficient time in startup to focus on yours studies.
If you want to get married soon (arranged marriage;)), then go for TCS, because in India they have a good brand value and you will have a stable life as well.
If you want unstable life, unpredictable future of the startup, sometimes low salary, lots of work under pressure, long working hours, but at the same time a lots of learning, creating the company culture, understanding the business, talking to clients, leading the product development, exploring new things everyday, then i would suggest to join a startup.
It will be a bit risky in the beginning until you gain sufficient experience to switch, if required. 
I got the campus placement in TCS during my academics, but somehow i was more interested in joining a startup to learn lots of things.
I found one interesting startup and joined it immediately. They were in their very early age, but doing pretty good. I liked the culture, opportunities to learn new things, great working environment and cool colleagues.
That turned out to be the best decision of my life. After a year or so, i was making more money than my friends in TCS. I had recognition and value in the company, which i liked the most. I never looked back. I worked with the company for around 4 years and learnt everything whatever i could :)
Then i took the path of entrepreneurship and started my own software company mid last year. Things went pretty well after a few hiccups and soon the team started growing. I launched few products in the market which failed terribly, but they gave me a good learning experience and more confidence to try better.
We grew to a company of  15 people in less than a year. Now again planning to launch our new product, hoping that it will work this time.:)
Built great relations with lots of clients and cool people across the globe. 
Partnered with a client and recently founded another startup in Europe. Now working to expand the business in UK market. Have traveled more than 15 countries in last 1 year. Still i have miles to go before reaching at certain level, but when i turns back and see my life, it gives me satisfaction. So if you have such aspiration in life, i would suggest to go for a startup and explore the world of immense opportunities. But at the same time you have to be prepared for lots of challenges that will come your way. Life will be a roller coaster, but exciting.
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