Friday, December 19, 2014

Selling servicies online to make money

  • Selling services is a very popular technique people use to make money from a website and is often the reason for them building a blog in the first place. They want to get more clients, to do that they need to get traffic and blogs are great for that!
  • A nice example of someone selling services is Underground Wellness.
  • The easiest way to start selling advertising on your blog is to create a new page within WordPress and call it services. Here you can put in the information about your service, testimonials and a buy now button.
  • For sites earning less then $10,000 a month, I recommend using Paypal buy buttons as a payment gateway, this is very straight forward to set up and makes life easy for the customer.

  • High converting, they see your blog and want more!
  • Highly profitable.
  • Easy to deliver.
  • Low refunds.
  • Exchanging time for money.
  • Customers are always right (which we know isn’t true).
  • Can be periods of time where you have no customers!

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