Sunday, December 28, 2014

New Year's Resolutions You Can Make

New Year Resolutions are promises which a person makes to do an act of self-improvement or something slightly nice. You Must make a new year resolution so as to make and feel a difference within yourself that is constructive for you as well as people surrounding you.

The new year's resolutions you can make concerning various factors in mind are as follows :

Going Eco-Friendly 

  • Save Energy : Make sure you don't waste electricity. Replace the electric appliances in your house with more efficient ones. Repair damaged appliances so they don't consume unnecessary energy. 
  • Use stairs instead of elevators when it's convenient. 
  • Walk or ride a bicycle when you're going out to nearby places. 
  • Don't Litter and keep your surrounding clean. Spread awareness and cleanliness for healthy hygienic environment. 
  • Observe your eating habits. Make and substitute in meals that contribute to healthy living. Replace unhealthy snacks, fill in with fresh fruits and similar alternatives. 
  • Replace sugar with honey. 
  • Improve quality of life by connecting with nature. 
  • Less use of mobile and internet. Schedule fixed hours for them and with rest of the time don't use it unless it's an emergency. 
  • Decrease your social media anxiety. Socialize yourself only dedicate limited time to it. 
  • Review and plan your sleeping hours. You must sleep for around 6 hours – no more no less. 
  • List tasks and things that makes you stressed. Work out on those and kill stress to improve mental health. 
  • Don't let things overwhelm you. Take control and maintain your emotions in difficult times. 
  • Refrain from gossips. 
  • Forgive people and let go of burdens you carry in your mind. It will free those people of same guilt and burden. 
  • Control your words. Don't use a negative and passive language. For every negative things you say, say and do three positive things. 
  • Record your negative and positive deeds. Take pride in helping others while at the same time minimize your negative actions. 
Organize yourself 
  • Schedule your day. Keep track of time you devote to tasks of various category. Invest in tasks of those category that leads you to your goals achievement and self-growth. 
  • De-clutter your house. Get rid of things that are just stacked in your storehouse that you no longer use. 
  • Find time for things you enjoy doing. 
  • Be more punctual. 
  • Keep a diary which records your daily activities. You can always review your past days and make necessary improvement for planning your future time investments. 

  • Plan a quality time out with family atleast once a month. Spend money on things that create memory. 
  • Visit relatives and friends. Socialize and strengthen your relationships. 
  • Spend few hours a week only with your family. Avoid any professional work or other distracting during those hours. 
  • Designate a fixed amount of time for family gathering daily. Make sure everyone attends the gathering. Light talks, movies, discussions etc can be conducted. 
  • Keep in touch with your loved ones. Update addresses, emails and contact numbers regularly. 
  • Plan for Birthdays and Holidays in advance.

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