Monday, December 29, 2014

New Year Party Ideas and Celebration Tips

We have come through the year of 2014 and now we're about to wave a goodbye to it and welcome the year 2015. We all have new dreams to fulfill, new goals to accomplish, and resolutions to follow in the coming year. It is time to cherish memories of the year 2014 that will soon be the history. It is time to leave behind old grudges, blunders and negative feelings of the 2014 and to hug the morning of the New Year with a gracious heart and a wide smile. It is time for New Year's celebration. Here are some of the celebration ideas for New Year's Eve

Parties, We can have parties at various locations as per our convenience as follows : 
  • Terrace party 
Low Budget. You can arrange for medium intensity lights with light music systems and speakers.
  • Open garden party
If you have a lawn or the garden outside the house then it's awesome idea to party outside, provided the climate permits the idea
  • Indoor party
Indoor party at home in the hall. It can be at your place a personal party or a family celebration or a get-to-gather of friends. You can also plan and arrange a get-to-gather at your friend's place
Other Party locations can be : Clubs, Hotel, Disco, Poolside, Farmhouse etc.

New Year's party celebration tips :
  • Just a few tips and tricks, and your guests will admire you for throwing such a wonderful New Year's party. Here are things to keep in mind to make your party rocking. 
  • The most exciting part about New Year is making New Year resolution. Though New Year resolution is for breaking than keeping, there is no harm in making one. Ask your guests to make a New Year resolution. Keep surprise gifts for funniest resolution, weirdest resolution, etc. 
  • Instead of going out for dinner or ordering food from outside, ask your guests to prepare one food item at home. There would be enough and variety of food at the party. Bringing food from home would be less expensive. 
  • New Year eve's party decoration should be according to the theme of the party. If the theme of the party is 'funfair' then there should be stalls for food rather than usual buffet. 
  • Music is must at any party. Select good music numbers prior to the party. Make sure that all records, CDs, and music recorders are playing well. 
  • If you're inviting out the old friends then recollect the memories of the best time you spend by making the photo albums available to them at party or as a slideshow of pictures on the big display or the TV or a simple Personal Computer. 
  • You can share and exchange ideas with guests and host some small stage performances that may include jokes, poems, sayings, mimicry and much more. 
  • Games are also a very important asset at making party a grand hit. Design games with the new year themes and make guests participate in it. Make games selection according to participants poll and choices so everyone has a good extent of involvement. 
  • Focus on the interest and hobby of guests and make them contribute on their topic of interest. It may share valuable insight while at the same time adding values and meaning to the party.
  • When approaching the 12AM do obvious celebrations : count-downs, dance, music, hugs and wishes. 
Enjoy the new year EVE with your best spirit. Spread joy and happiness :)

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