Friday, October 10, 2014

Capture Ideas and Materialize Them.

Students in any Undergraduate course, studying, is obviously passing through the most beautiful and creative part of life. This is the phase, where in you gets tons of ideas.  Any idea that comes to the mind of an individual is his intellectual property. We can take up and see that, every big or small startup, process or any human-made marvel - it all has started from a single small idea.

But getting a bright idea in mind is one thing. Besides one also need to materialize the idea and implement it. Without implementation idea is simply a piece of crap. You need to take action in your own ways to implement the ideas.

Further being the CS/IT students, the individuals are more fortunate as the tools available to materialize the ideas are ample and mostly free. Any idea in the CS/IT world just need a personal computer and a software tool to implement it.

To collect the ideas the one must keep log-book or a personal notebook or a diary. Besides maintaining the log-book, one must also visit the log-book daily so as to be motivated and that the idea don't vanishes from the mind. Gradually building a stock of ideas, one must focus on learning the topics and technology related to the ideas. One must find the tools and gain the proper knowledge to turn those ideas into a reality.

As for instance, one gets the idea to develop a game on some concept. 

  1. One must properly maintain the idea in the log-book along with the other ideas. 
  2. Further he must read the idea daily so, sub-consciously, the mind in turn works on it's own to find the more and more possible ways to materialize the idea and solving the problem
  3. One must documents all the connected solutions and extensions of the idea and keep it well documented.
  4. After having made the idea clear, one must start building the knowledge base upon which the idea could be built.
  5. One must then look for the tools to implement ideas. Here one can spend considerable time to build the knowledge and learning the tool to implement it.
  6. After having done enough of learning, one can start to actually implement the idea and maintain the process documentation.
This is how the IDEA will MATERIALIZE and be fruitful.

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