Saturday, July 26, 2014

Summer Internship in Vacations

As for now, I'm the student of final year, in 7th Sem. So talking about the vacation just before the start of this year, We're given the vacation of about 1 month.

This vacation was just as busy for me as ever. I always dedicate my vacation time for learning the topics that are new and relevant to the branch of Computer Science. But this vacation was a lot different experience.

In the 6th Semester I participated in the Technological Festival at MS University, Baroda. There, it was a event for Java Programming and I won the competition at first place and so was offered a summer internship at the "E-Tech Global Services, Baroda".

It was a amazing experience at the internship where there was a lot to learn related to web-application development using nodejs. We're also introduced to NoSQL databases and Groovy Scripting language.

This month's internship was per day 5 - 6 hours for 5 week per day. There was an amazing experience while trying the night-shifts and that how the shift goes. It was really amazing adventure and experience.

With this internship, I also joined 15 days vocational training at 2 different institutes one at "DotNET Expert" and other was "Seed Infotech". At "DotNET" expert we're given the introduction regarding the Microsoft's DotNET framework and the website designing and silverlight applications with slight introduction to Windows Mobile Application Development. At "Seed Infotech", I learned about the "" platform and that the cloud application working and development with hoisting the application over the cloud. After completing the E-TECH Internship I joined the Internship for live project and web site development at Currently I'm working on the live project at Tech-Magix while at the same time continuing my studies. I adjust and schedule my day with 9:30 am to 4:40 pm at college and then internship from 6:30 pm to about 9 - 9:30 pm.

So it helped as a lot to gain experience for professional world and making oneself ready for the professional life. Very soon in the next post I'll describe about how the path was traveled from which I developed skills for myself and other technical expertise.


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