Thursday, July 24, 2014

Introduction to Blog

As for the first post.....

I'm Jay Dihenkar, Student of Computer Science and Technology, Studying at Parul Institute of Engineering and Technology. As on date, I'm the student of Final-Year Degree Engineering - 7th Semester.

This blog's objective is to describe with you, my experience, exploration and learning from the industrial visits, internships, training and experience at work in the industry in action.

As from the blog reader's perspective, you have a lot to gain from the experience as it's best said that.... "Wise Learns from Other's Experience". So... Read and learn from the crude experience so when you go into the industry, you have the basic idea of the things, you can plan ahead of time and have advantage....

Read this blog and feel free to post replies and comments... Keep learning...!

Cheers, we've a long way to go!

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